Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool that, when used in conjunction with other interventions (especially Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), can decrease relapse symptoms, promote deeper relaxation, and support positive changes in thinking patterns.   

Hypnosis In Psychotherapy And Behavioral Medicine

Hynopsis may be employed in the following circumstances:

  • Trauma (incest, rape, physical and emotional abuse, cult abuse);
  • Anxiety and stress management;
  • Depression;
  • Bed-wetting (enuresis);
  • Sports and athletic performance;
  • Smoking cessation;
  • Obesity and weight control;
  • Sexual dysfunctions;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Concentration difficulties, test anxiety and learning disorders

Common myths associated with hypnosis:

1)  Myth: Person is asleep during hypnosis -False

2)  Myth: Person in hypnotic state doesn’t know what going on around them -False

3)  Myth: Person hypnotized will do whatever is suggested -False

4)  Myth: Person can get stuck in hypnosis -False

5)  Myth: The hypnotist hypnotizes people -False

6)  Myth: Person loses control when in hypnotic state -False

7)  Myth: Person has never been in a hypnotic state -False

8)  Myth: Hypnotic state leaves person susceptible to being possessed -False


Hypnosis:Brain state of awareness in which believability of information being presented or exposed to does not determine whether or not the person will act on it or integrate it into his/ her manner of thinking. 

Brain State/ Waves:Beta, Alpha, *Theta, Delta

Hypnotic State Levels:Light, Mild, Medium, *Deep, Esdaile

Hypnotherapy:The systematic and structured use of hypnosis to aid the person in dealing with a specific issue, uncovering suppressed information, and/or break negative thought patterns.

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146 Ways Hypnosis Might Help You


Hypnosis Motivation Institute

*Abandonment *Addictions *ADD/ADHD 

*Age Regression *Aggression *Agoraphobia 

*Anesthesia *Anger*Anxiety *Assertiveness

*Assist Healing *Attitude Adjustment 

*Bedwetting *Biofeedback *Breathing

*Career Success *Change Habits *Childbirth

*Chronic Pain *Communication *Concentration 


*Death or Loss *Discouraged *Dreams


*Fear of Animals *Fear of Death*Fear of Dentists 

*Fear of Doctors *Fear of Failure*Fear of Flying*Fear of Heights

*Fear of Loss of Control *Fear of Needles*Fear of Success

*Fear of Surgery*Fear of Water *Forgiveness *Frustration 

*Gagging *Gambling Guilt

*Hair Twisting *Headaches *Helplessness 

*Hopelessness *Hostility *Hypertension *Hypochondria 

*Immune System *Impotency *Improve Health 

*Improve Sales *Indecision *Inferiority *Inhibition 

*Insecurity *Insomnia *Irrational Thoughts *Irritability 


*Lack of Ambition*Lack of Direction*Lack of Enthusiasm 

*Lack of Initiative *Lower Blood Pressure 

*Medication Side Effects *Memory*Mistrust*Moodiness*Motivation


*Obsessions *Obsessive-Compulsive *Overeating*Overly Critical

*Pain Management*Panic Attacks *Passive-Aggressive

*Past Life Regression *Perfectionism *Performance Anxiety 

*Pessimism*Phobias*Post-surgical*Premature Ejaculation *Pre-surgical

*Problem Solving *Procrastination*PTSD*Public Speaking

*Reach Goals*Rejection*Relations*Relationship Enhancement 

*Relaxation*Resistance to Change *Responsibility Restlessness

*Sadness*Self-Awareness *Self-Blame*Self-Confidence

*Self-Control *Self-Criticism *Self-Defeating Behaviors 

*Self-Esteem *Self-Expression *Self-Forgiveness *Self-Hypnosis 

*Self-Image*Self-Mastery*Sexual Problems*Shame*Skin Problems

*Sleep Disorders *Smoking*Social Phobia*Sports

*Stage Fright*Stress*Stubbornness*Study Habits

*Stuttering*Substance Abuse*Sugar Addiction*Superiority

*Tardiness*Temptation*Tinnitus*Test Anxiety

*Thumb Sucking*Tics*Trauma



*Weight Loss*Worry*Writer's Block

Hypnotherapy Recordings

Guided Hypnosis for the Relief of Pain